What Is It ?

An experiment, a collaboration between image and word. A invitation to fuse disciplines and provide an effective and dynamic way to convey aspects of observations.

A chance to construct a language, from the literal (reporting on a scene/event) to the abstract. The creation of a platform for documenting social and political agenda. How can politics and art work effectively together ?

Text – display. Relevance and inkeeping with the images. Reflecting aspects of the Mass Observation movement – newspaper/press or notebook style presentation ? The need for clarity and uniformity to compliment the image, content and subject matter.

‘The Holy Trinity’ –

Image – Text – Notes

The need to feed into each other.

Imagined dialogue – underpins the text. Quantitative vs qualitative. The science of observation. The meaning – translating, interpreting and selecting.

Future ideas/spin-offs –

A photography project of the (12) selected locations ?

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