Daily record

A few notes on some of the chosen few…

‘Scars Of Bremen’ – bombers/air-raid sirens/crackle of fires/explosions/ radio – ‘auf deutsch’/german text/a postcard or a ticket/id papers/a tricolour roundel/a red cross badge/smoke-damaged material/a (new town) map. Conversation held with the couple.

‘Milking It’ – hum of electric float/milkman’s whistle/glass bottles/red,silver and gold bottle tops (dairy sign)/blue and white striped apron/white fabric and plastic peaked cap/order book and small pencil.

“Thrice New Year Chimes’ – the roar of distant traffic and the wind/a calender (page torn).

‘Behind The Timeline’ – ‘Stand Down Margaret’ – The Beat/an A-Z map of London Docklands.

‘Plus Ca Change’ – An ocean (sonar)/timetable/tide charts/plimsoll line. Abstract thought. No specific object or event.

‘The 606 Club’ – ‘Simone’ – The Stone Roses.

‘Air Pressure’ – white noise.

‘Nameless’ – a child’s alphabet.

‘The Submarine Models’ – ASDIC – ‘ping’/printed photographs/postcard and stamp (‘wish you were here’).

‘In Real Time’ – ringtones/background chatter/engine noise/SIM card/oyster card.

‘White Elephant’ – steam engines/station announcements/doors slamming/whistle blowing/passenger chatter/station staff shouts/timetable/ticket.

‘Tripping The Light’ – vehicle engines/distant music (stereo)/pedestrian voices/a paint colour chart.


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