Random Sampling (5 Pieces)

The Red Book –

‘Envisaging A Scene’

A couple of lads changing the wheel of an expensive car with the somewhat agitated suited driver looking on. A lavishly dressed partner at his side. The scenario – had the driver asked them to help, had they offered or was this a cheap take on the AA/RAC ?

The Blue Book –

‘No Ifs Or Buts’ – The Strand

A workman’s sign by the Savoy. ‘Dispose Of Your Cigarette Buts (sic) Here’ (a bin provided). ‘But’ = a doubting smoker ?

The Gold Book –

‘Kingdom Come’ – West India Quay, Canary Wharf

A large ‘Kingdom Of Sweets’ stall standing alone on the quayside. The cheap fare and Heart FM on the radio all seemingly out of place (no customers). More akin to a shopping mall in a poorer part of town.

The  Black Book

‘Emperor Nero’ – East Sheen

Noting the amount of people carrying ‘Nero’ coffee cups both on the street and in cars. A promotion drive (no pun) c/o the chain or just the ongoing success of capitalism/consumerism and the fashion item of a takeaway coffee ?

The Red & White Book

‘Patriot Bus’ – Victoria

A cheer from passengers on an open-top routemaster bus during a cold and wet St.George’s Day. Flags and bunting fluttering in the wind. A charter bus to the big fight v the dragon ? The general public uninterested by the spectacle apart from a few heads turned at the noise being made.

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