French Connection


A chance to meet in the studio and start to play with hanging the paintings and text. The ‘Timelapse 12’ look fantastic in the flesh. Vibrant colours and bold images. We worked on format – text to the left/paintings to the right- and deliberated on the size of each observation. ‘The smaller the better’ seemed to be the rough conclusion. The dilemma of (collaboration) democracy, attempting to display the work in a cohesive light. Whether to frame or mount ? After all the e-mail correspondance and theoretical planning it was liberating to be able to simply have a go at hanging on a white wall.

We also discussed development of the site and how it might play an intrinsic role in exhibiting the work (online if not in a physical space). The design and content of a booklet/guide to accompany the exhibition (a timeline and focus on one or two works), a sequel to “Timelapse’ (another 12 x 12 or a new large piece) and finally attempted an interview/conversation. The best laid plans…23 seconds of material recorded from our 45 minute discourse ! So back to recollection with the aid of a notebook and pen.

These few days have really moved the project on whilst raising more issues.  A work still in progress and process.

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