‘Foreign Exchange’ – Costa, Lambeth

An affluent tourist ordering coffee. On being asked what type she wants, the woman gestures to the advertisement for a ‘caramel coffee’ saying ‘That one looks good’. The cashier informs her of the cost, catching her off guard. ‘My husband has the money. I haven’t got it as it’s too bulky for the bag’ (how much cash ?!). Becoming accustomed (and the time it takes) to the way business is conducted when abroad – (i) the notion of randomly ordering a beverage on the premis that the advertised picture looks alluring (ii) an order has to be paid for before consuming. The variable rules of engagement across borders.

‘The Seventh Day’ – Lambeth

A Sunday morning soundtrack. The machine-gun attack of a road drill on tarmac, punctuated against the relative quiet and calm of this part of the week. The traditional day of rest, used in the contemporary urban context as a window of (engineering) opportunity, before the deadline of the small hours signals the new working week.

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