nameless – kennington road, se1


nameless – Kennington Road, SE1

A shop front displaying the (no) name of ‘…&…’. ‘Anonymous & Sons’ ? A Naomi Klein ‘No Logo’ branch ? Maybe just closed down and bereft of identity.


The original conception for this painting has, in the main, been retained. The rather plain, grey and faded panel at the top could be a window or an empty space for a shop’s name. Clearly the absence of any text reinforces the theme of the MO and the rendering of this space suggests a sign has been pulled off leaving traces of ‘glue’ behind.

The ‘background’ has been worked across the picture plane and appears almost smeared. Some traces of the under-painting show through – grooves, old lines filled-in and tiny hints of bolder, stronger colour underneath.

I have attempted to make this painting about as anonymous as possible without it appearing Minimal in nature or devoid of any detail. Paradoxically, it has attained a silent power and is increasingly memorable.


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