‘What’s Your Poison?’ – IWML, SE1

A visitor commenting on the absence of ‘latte-drinking socialist’ influence from the current galleries (a personal reference to the ‘apologist’ culture that he thought once pervaded). An interesting assertion. A 21st century take on the ‘New Labour’ portrayal of ‘champagne socialism’, but mindful of health risks and the downturn in the economy?

‘The First Lap’ – Chelsea Embankment (0858)

A new cyclist (in a spotless hi-vis jacket) carefully making her way east along CS8. A (brief) snapshot of studied concentration amidst the slipstream of rush hour riders, hours of engrained city dirt in both their gear and gears. A notable contrast, as the upright novice pedals slowly and steadily surrounded by bodies bent into the bars and frame, sweat and tension etched on faces and limbs. Welcome to the endless race.

‘A Sense Of Completion’ – Grosvenor Road, SW1

A commuter running home in an orange hi-vis vest with ‘FINISHER” emblazoned on the front. The spoils of a completed corporate run for charity. The old adge of ‘it’s the taking part that counts’ no longer part of the mindset in the need to cross the line regardless.


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