‘A Few Thousand Feet’ – Lambeth Road, SE1 (0915)

Travelling east. A cyclist pulls out in front, the rider wearing a red t-shirt with ‘STOP AIRPORT EXPANSION’ emblazoned in big white letters on the back. He pedals slowly along the accepted runway. The fascination and pursuit of (outer) space against the perpetual struggle for control of terra firma and all that lies between.

‘Replica’ – Geraldine Harmsworth Park, SE1

A man walking to work holding his phone in front of him. The device lying flat in his palm and slightly tilted from time to time, as though playing a portable pinball game. Homage to a tactile past(ime).

‘The Art Of Improvisation’ – Chelsea

Passing a motorbike with a handmade (crafted?!) ‘CD case sized’ L-plate attached at the rear. Further west on the King’s Road a supermarket storage trolley has been laid across the forecourt exit of a garage to indicate closure (and/or lack of fuel). The act of devising and creating in an increasingly rigid and regulated society.


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