‘Nothing (Much) Left To The Imagination’ – SWT (Wareham-Clapham Junction)

A sparsely populated train heading for the metropolitan terminus of Waterloo. A guard and a drinks trolley (and attendant) occasionally venture down the aisles. Passengers, the few that there are, sit in silence, work, read or talk in hushed tones. The announcements. A stereo assault on leaving each station as the ‘live’ announcement, informing us of shortened platforms, is quickly repeated (ad nauseam) with an automated broadcast. The ‘Quiet Zone’ must have flinched. A perceived ‘sense of adventure’ to learn about the next stop, in the form of slam doors and sliding windows, now consigned to the proverbial (Barry Island) scrapyard.

‘An Older Quarrel’ – King Street, Hammersmith

Two drunken men (60s) shouting at each other post-afternoon session. A slight sense of concern amongst shoppers as a pair of senior citizens do verbal battle in broad daylight, one reeling across the road, the other heading east. Perhaps a different kind of tension from a nocturnal scene played out by two men in their 20s.


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