‘The Spirit Of Carnival’- Chelsea Embankment (0900)

A ‘pre-event float’ of three police vehicles heading through the rain and leaden skies en route for west London, the van leading the advance party ahead of two ominous looking naval blue ‘riot trucks’. A Bank Holiday fixture to compliment the weather.

‘An Industrial Reformation’ – Battersea Power Station

Looking across the river to see a new addition on the waterfront. In the absence of the historic coal cranes now stands a new piece of machinery for delivering (or discharging) aggregates. A long conveyor belt mechanism in lieu of the ‘new (post industrial) quarter’.

The Aesthetics Of Weather – Lambeth Bridge

Gazing across towards the city and noting a new restriction on the skyline. A uniform layer of cloud having descended on the square mile ensuring that the curtain has temporarily come down on the Shard and Tower 42. A literal take on the fog of financial affairs conducted within.


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