‘Brick By Brick’ – Battersea Park Road, SW

Travelling east and observing three construction workers in helmets, boots and hi-vis vests embark upon the task of washing down the panels of a regeneration (CGI) panel. An ideal for living (even if the reality fails to meet such utopian visions). Further down the road a collection of buildings give rise to the notion of a working street as ‘alfresco gallery’. The Old Imperial Laundry (some letters now missing), a secondhand shop with the sign ‘Scrap Metal’ hung in the window, old cafes and restaurants, the ruin of a building seemingly encased in its iron frame frontage, and crumbling walls now wallpapered with events posters, all giving the impression of a city before the ’90s. Decay, destruction and death. Several bunches of dead flowers hang at different angles on a roadside wire fence. A fading memorial to life lost metres away. Nearby a poster displayed for a new television series ponders the idea of someone ‘never returning home’…


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