‘The Rat Race’ – Narrow Street, E14 (1255)

Walking east, seemingly in the midst of a competition as a steady stream of office workers pound their way up and down the waterfront, wearing running shirts not unlike rock band tour merchandise. Black attire with ‘FINISHER’, ‘MUD MEN’ and ‘EXTREME’ and ‘ULTIMATE” emblazoned on the front and back. The occasional ‘tour date’ in Europe (‘LYON’) or further afield. The unofficial spectators to this daily lunchtime ritual, colleagues who have stepped outside to use their phones and/or smoke.

‘No Stone Unturned’ – Wandsworth Town Station

An RP voice informing passengers (‘customers’) to refrain from putting their feet on the seats. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before someone files a lawsuit against a rail company for breach of conduct/policy in broadcasting an incessant stream of automated information (useless or otherwise) in the ‘Quiet Zone’.


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