‘For The Greater Good’ – Westminster Bridge Road, SE1

A woman anchored on the pavement by supermarket plastic asks two passing contractors about their potential purchase. ‘Did you pay for that bag?’. A sense of (mild) incredulity at the new 5p levy on the ubiquitous plastic bag. 

‘Animated Folklore’ – Grosvenor Road, SW1

An old man sits on a low brick wall embedded in the hedge growing above. Swaying slightly and talking to himself, he shakes his long hair as if an extension of the vegetation. The Green Man of legend comes to life in the metropolis.

‘Until The End’ – Upcerne Road, SW10

A repair garage sporting two faded St George flags in the window. Exposed to sunlight they hang as if non denominational versions of regimental flags draped in chapels, destined to remain suspended until the ravages of time turn them to dust.

‘A Matter Of Time’ – Lower Marsh, SE1

A bookshop window display illustrating a talk on the pilgrimage to Santiago. A rough guide for those who are ‘time-pressed’. The ironic choice of words given the significance of transcending everyday routine and toil to experience enlightenment?


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