‘A Drive-By Shooting’ – Lambeth Bridge (1755)

Passing a northbound car with a hand sticking through the flat-top roof. The owner, a man sitting in the front passenger seat, films Westminster with his right hand whilst talking on another phone with his left hand. This detached ‘periscope perspective’ on London perhaps heralding a new vogue for the idle tourist guide to the sights.

‘Backs To The Wall’ – Geraldine Harmsworth Park, SE1 (1410)

An elderly couple enjoying the extended indian summer in an organised fashion, having brought camping  chairs to the park for a chance to soak up the sun whilst positioned on a path against a perimeter brick wall (a different take on the term ‘lounge lizard’?). A scene straight from the beach or a suburban back garden, as the woman reads a newspaper whilst her husband is occupied in his book. 


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