‘The Art Of Delivery’ – SW10/SW1

A milkman carrying a large consignment of plastic bottles from his van. The days of cap, lab coat and metal basket for the glass long gone. Further east a woman walks outside M15 with a box of ‘upmarket’ doughnuts. Later, in a Royal Park, another woman/another box containing the same brand of doughnuts. A walk to work for a leaving function, promotion or a birthday. The historic progression of workplace gifts, from chocolate, fruit and flowers to the container of America’s finest sugar laden luxury snacks.

‘The Road To Westminster’ – Lots Road, SW10

Heading east through a corridor of road surfacing vehicles parked up in anticipation of the signal to strike. Men dressed from head to foot in hi-vis and boots waiting around their machinery for the off. A kind of invasion force on the move, literally paving the way ahead. 


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