‘(Directing) A Short Scene’ – Chelsea Embankment (1730)

Approaching the juction at Albert Bridge from the east. The lights are red but a car continues onward regardless. The inevitable crunch of metal and burst of glass as the vehicle strikes oncoming traffic. With perfect timing a patrol car is stationed across the road. Blue (side) lights on, the police car moves slowly forward in an arc. The driver of the struck car slips out from under the air bag with the grace of a stuntman, if a little stunned. The guilty party remains in his car (one side of which is wrapped into a pollard). A policeman quietly asks him if he is ok to leave his vehicle as an old lady walking her dog (cameo role) marches across to the police car and offers herself as a witness (‘He went through a red light’). Across the road three staff from a car showroom (extras) stand pressed against the glass like children, gazing at the early evening drama. All in one take.

‘A Form Of Entertainment’ – Parsons Green, Sw6 (0850)

A man walks back from the shops carrying a pumpkin under each arm like a games teacher about to take a basketball session. No artificial substances to date. That will come later, in association with…


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