‘A Seasonal Hanging’ – Barnes Common

Passing the bare trees parallel to the main road. Through the uniform brown a dash of colour in the form of a plastic supermarket bag (red, white and blue) hanging from a branch. A gaudy bauble in the midst of this stripped down wood. The Christmas message as ‘total consumerism’?

‘Coming Soon’ – Chelsea Bridge

Crossing southwards and observing the rapidly advancing residential fortress enclosing the origins of the power station, like ivy consuming an old building.

‘A New Lease (Of Life)’ – King’s Road, SW6

A couple peering through the windows of a long since closed pub, now perhaps reawakened with the bill posters and shutters having been recently removed. The unwrapping of a hitherto condemned local watering hole now once again open to public consumption, or at least inspection (from a distance) for the time being.


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