‘In Hindsight’ – A3, Stockwell

Waiting at a set of lights, whilst on the pavement a man is wrestled to the ground by security staff. The altercation prompts an inadvertent synchronised sequence of ‘rubber necking’, as a trio of scooter riders and a cyclist turn in unison to get a view of the incident (one of the scooter riders even blocking the adjacent lane in a desperate bid to ‘catch the action’). As the lights change focus switches back to the way ahead, leaving the temporary audience to disperse south, doubtless keen to see what kind of entertainment another junction might yield. Fascination, as long as someone else is the unfortunate focus of attention.

‘Universal Conflict’ – IWML (1005)

A group of Star Wars fans arrive in the atrium, laden with merchandise and fresh from an early morning screening of the latest franchise instalment. From the battle in space…to terra firma, a strange blurring of fact and fiction.


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