‘For A Limited Period’ – Lots Road, SW10

An elderly man steadying himself against a post whilst waiting for a bus, his Freedom Pass (paradoxically?) hung around his neck. Tagged for life. From the issue of ID in education through to the ubiquitous security pass on gaining employment.

‘The Art Of Improvisation’ – Piccadilly Circus

A man consenting to a request from three Asian tourists to take their picture. The scenario evolving into a kind of workshop as, post-photo, he gathers with the trio to observe his work, then suggests a different background for a further shoot. The brief but strangely intimate interaction of the street.

‘Street Patrol’ – St. Martin’s Lane, WC2

Passing Jeremy Bowen as he makes his way north. Wondering how hard it might be to shift the mindset from a war torn road to pounding the pavement in the peaceful capital.

‘Transformation/Transmission’ – Sloane Street, SW1

Passing under a Christmas decoration suspended across the road. Bereft of lights and design the frame now resembling a kite or the frame of an aerial. A last broadcast of the Christmas message?


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