‘Close Of Play’ – Lots Road, SW10 (1825)

A man putting on his coat in an office. The end of the day. Behind him, covering the entire wall, lies a map of south west London. Estate agents as an operations room. Planning and plotting the geographical shifts of the incoming and outgoing on a daily basis. A nerve centre of the perpetual ebb and flow of postcode populations.

‘Running The Gauntlet’ – Chelsea Embankment

The stop/start exodus from work. A combination of congestion, lights and crossings. At the latter an arrogant pedestrian waits…and waits, as though savouring the fleeting power, before traversing the road whilst dispensing ‘advice’ to the patient traffic. Homeward bound. A combination of adherence to technology (and laws) and the constant power struggle played out across the tarmac and stone.


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