‘Signs Of Change’ – Heddon Street, W1 (1130)

A waitress coming out of a cafe to replace the sign on an A-board. Thus ‘Exquisite Breakfast’ evolves into ‘Homemade Sandwiches’. In the West End, the ‘All Day Breakfast’ may be in decline (Discuss).

‘Senses Working Overtime’ – King’s Road/Sloane Street

Heading east. Passing images and scenarios evoking a kind of ‘classic’ post-war cinematic snapshot of London. A street cleaner (nee-road sweeper) providing directions for two tourists, a painter and decorator emerging from a mansion basement (in paint-splattered white overalls), a taxi driver ordering a beverage at the appointed green cabman’s shelter, a young lady escorting her old and infirm counterpart across the road, as all forms of traffic obey the Highway Code and stop accordingly (and wait for the duration). Workmen carrying tea back to their site nodding a ‘good morning’. Sometimes (very occasionally) London does it in ‘one take’.

‘The Agricultural Revolution’ – Hyde Park

A month into the new year. The’Disneyland’ that was (Winter) Wonderland has gone, revealing great scars of dead grass or exposed earth. A great seasonal/retail battle now consigned to annual history. Seeds being sown/turf being prepared for the next capital conquest. 


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