‘An Early Fall’ – Chelsea Embankment (0850)

Passing a ripe banana lying on the road. Sustenance having fallen by the wayside at this (relatively) early stage of the working day. A baton dropped in the marathon billed as the provision of daily bread.

‘The New Explorers’ – Millbank

A man detecting gas (‘fishing’ down a manhole) and a small gathering at the junction collecting traffic data (counters and eyes forward). Endless fascination filtered down to sustaining the system.

‘Chase & Status’ – Lambeth Road, SE1

A cyclist in an altercation with a coach driver. The invasion of space (cycle lane) causing the rider to harass the driver for several minutes, like an agitated hunting terrier snapping at its (much larger) prey. The unseemly attack (on both sides) over in minutes, as the coach accelerates away, to be played out at a later date (stereoptypes and prejudices cemented further). The futility of upping the ante.


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