‘A Dystopian Span’ – Lambeth Bridge (0910)

Attempting to negotiate the gridlock on the the north and south roundabouts. A contemporary take on Hogarth. Here, embedded within, lies all forms of urban life. The benign, the bemused, the aggressive, the incompetent, the oblivious…A failure of basic motor skills (sic) in this digital, cutting edge, technologically progressive world. A misspelling on the blueprint?

‘Continental Drift’ – Pimlico

A ‘eurolines’ coach heading south of the river, the ‘ro’ having faded from view revealing ‘eu’. A new directive from abroad?

‘New Horizons’ – Pimlico

A ‘pop up’ set of roadworks (having appeared since the morning rush hour) looming out of the darkness like a recently formed atoll.

‘The Speaking Clock’ – Chelsea Embankment

A man hurrying behind the 176 bus quietly requesting that it stops (it does). The power of language.


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