‘Chiltern Chalk Circle’ – Great Missenden 

Embarking on a ‘circular walk’. An exercise in traversing the natural/man-made border. Damp green fields transforming into a trinity of thick earth, chalk and flint. The occasional scrap of plastic rubbish. A bottle, a label, a (crushed) can. Emerging into a lane during a heavy shower. The danger of standing in an enclosed corridor (thick/high hedges) as a car recklessly overtakes another…pylons producing their static into the ether. An untuned radio in the blustery winds. Signals unscrambled against the sonic backdrop of a main road, an occasional light aircraft and the rush of a commuter train. A small bird landing on a bramble bathed in post-rain sunlight. Never far away, the regular thunder of road borne freight tearing across this complicated land. 


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