‘A Good Walk, Spoiled’ – Chessington Golf Centre

Slipping through the undergrowth (and a gap in the green metal mesh fence) to observe a series of large suspended nets in a vast expanse of wasteland. Clues to the former existence of the golf course and driving range beyond this key landmark. An ornamental pond with a lone bench facing the shallow water. Detritus floating on the surface includes a metal beer keg, the obligatory lifebelt, a bottle and a ‘Danger Deep Water’ sign (it isn’t). Further on, the overgrown grass yields a series of small instruction signs for players. Wooden railway sleepers fashioned into steps and a series of points from which to tee off. Finally to the clubhouse. Boarded up, temporarily roofed and bereft of any complete pane of glass. The car park tells its own story. Two excavator buckets occupy one of the parking spaces, tyre marks leading off to the centre of the old course where test digging is being undertaken. The first of several ‘development mines’ being placed in the impending battle of the greenbelt…


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