‘Travelling In The Same Direction’ – Clapham Junction-Hoxton

‘Phone + coffee’, ‘phone + headphones’, ‘x2 phones’ v…’a book’. ‘The Busiest Station In Britain’. An interchange, a brief encounter/a close encounter (‘Different Trains’). Platforms bearing the psychological weight of personal histories. That book…chapter (and verse)…’A Permanent Revolution’, followed by ‘Modern Time’. Stepping away and shutting down in the ink black night. Opposite passengers (trad) asleep, evoking Henry Moore figures (the tube in 1940) as bookends. The absence of divided spaces (coaches as rooms). Energy drinks in both hands (liquid barbells). No hint of old school/traditional formality. Yesterday’s papers. No longer old news? Just news. 24/7, rolling, edited and updated. There is no (real) deadline anymore. Everything is ‘brought to you as it’s happening’. That book again…’The Collapse of The Family & The Community’. An apt read for these ‘interesting times’. A red poppy ‘jewel’ badge at one end of the seat. An old clas(sic) white Adidas logo at the other end. The synthesis of an original. 


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