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606 Club

Following my recent obsession with all things Gerhard Richter, and experimenting with some more advanced approaches to moving paint around, I’ve decided to push the Time-lapse paintings beyond the (so far) quite contained use of painting knives to a) liven up the surfaces and colour blending much more and b) use the under-painting more strategically, and radically, to positively effect the on-going process.


Here, therefore, is The 606 Club. The ‘ghost’ of the linear markings has been retained (where oil colour has, in effect, filled in the ‘valleys’ of the lines) and elsewhere a pleasing outcome of the squeegee pushing the wet paint into the dry, leaving gaps in places etc has been achieved. The original ideas about colour (attached to the original response to reading the MO) have been maintained. After 3/4 days I will work over this again, in a similar manner but with a different colour, only with more selective use of knife work if needed to tidy things up…

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