Nameless latest

I’m still drawn to the idea of a panel resembling, very much, its surroundings, and appearing to blend in almost completely to the background…so I’m thinking this piece will remain one-coloured throughout, therefore interest will need to come from the dynamic of the composition and its future textural effects etc…
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In Real Time latest

The original sketch for this piece emphasised over-lapping ‘doors’ with a panelappearing to sit on top of them all and the latest stage of this painting begins to achieve that. The door to the bottom left-hand corner edge pins the panel through its middle. The right-hand door that covers most of the rest of the composition contains the panel ‘whole’. The ‘base’ underneath both doors appears in the top-right, and just a hint in the bottom-right corners too. So, structurally, and formally it remains very strong for me. The black panel is very dominating at the moment, especially given the subtlety of the colour on the doors, yet is pleasing at the same time and presents me with the issue of ‘how can I improve this’/’can this be improved’? when I next address the piece…
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Tripping The Light latest

I’m very conscious of the dangers of being too literal to the original statement here, but nevertheless feel drawn into exploring a 4-colour piece like this. It is the first stage where the red/amber/green has appeared in the panels and it will be interesting to see how I modulate these with further layers as the piece develops. The background is a very deep, moody grey that I think I will leave alone for a while and see how the stronger colour modulations work with it… Continue reading “Tripping The Light latest”

The Submarine Models latest

This blue, a mixed tint of Cerulean Blue and Ultramarine appears very dramatic on the blue-black undercolour…but does it have the feel of irreverance, or ignorance suggested in the statement yet? I’m uncertain about this and think that a more frivolous colour, whatever that looks like, may well appear down the line. There is a high probability that this piece will alternate between blue-black layers and colours seeking out this feeling of frivolity, if that’s what it is…
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Air Pressure latest

I felt like switching the colours used for a previous stage of this painting, in other words using the pale blue doors colour for the square panels, just to see whether constant switching might work well for this piece – it seems to work well at this stage and this is another piece that is benefitting from having a layer of blue-black applied beforehand…
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606 Club latest

The boldness of this composition still excites…obviously there is heavy symmetry at play (although not perfect symmetry, deliberately) and I’m still drawn to imagining what colour the insides of jazz clubs are for some reason…I’m stuck with reds, purples, maroons, blacks either in a good way or in a restrictive way, so the jury continues to be out. The inky blue-black, and it’s glossy sheen show through in the panel gaps which is a pleasing aspect I hadn’t anticipated…
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Behind The Timeline latest

I wanted to see what this composition looked like rotated 180 degrees with the panel to the right. The panel gap lines now lead the eye further across the picture plane to dwell on the panel, so this may stay this way for a while…the colour choice matches the original planned palette but I don’t particularly like the red and yellow combination for a final version, plus the red feels more like the hydrant panels in my other work and I’m not sure how I feel about this cross-over…
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Thrice New Year Chimes latest

The previous underpainting seemed to ‘zone out’ a little too much,so, after applying the inky blue-black I’ve opted to render the surface with a much thicker paste of Cadmium Red Light and a tint of Yellow Lake/Cadmium Yellow to heat up the underpainting more so it might be helpful when showing through at a later point…
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