The First & The Last

How it all began (in the maroon notebook) –

‘Eye Contact’ – Looking up to make contact. Double take (change in reaction) tense – relaxed – acknowledged smile.

Pedestrian crashing into a car – hollow thud.

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The Observer Corps


I’ve been filling assorted notebooks with observations for quite a few years. In that time I’ve tried (and often failed) to formulate the material into some kind of structure with a view to attempting to write a book. Various ideas have come…and gone. A journal of travelling through both Britain and abroad and ‘View From The Saddle’ – London as seen from a bike.

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What Is It ?

An experiment, a collaboration between image and word. A invitation to fuse disciplines and provide an effective and dynamic way to convey aspects of observations.

A chance to construct a language, from the literal (reporting on a scene/event) to the abstract. The creation of a platform for documenting social and political agenda. How can politics and art work effectively together ?

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