Plus Ca Change

Plus Ca Change

London: Humans – like sharks. The need to keep moving (forward) to survive. Work, location, relationships etc…The need for creativity or death from inertia/boredom.


The sense of movement in this painting has been created by incorporating chevrons into its design. Interrupting the rhythm of these are two small square panels in the bottom corners, implying obstacles in the way of its flow. There is also a hint of a shark’s gills in the angled lines, but these proved to be entirely accidental. All these lines have been filled-in with a sharp pink paste which, when dragged across the surface, gives an appearance of a warm coloured X-ray.

This ‘X-ray’ seems to look into and emphasise the structure of this movement, and in doing so brings to mind a sense of looking deeper into the painting’s ‘body’, revealing something different to conventional marks and splodges of paint on a painting’s surface. The connection to the MO, aside from its reference to ‘movement’, therefore lies in a more forensic expression of human behaviour by looking beyond the seemingly superficial.


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