behind the time(line) – the guildhall, city of london

Behind Timeline

behind the time(line) – the guildhall, city of London

A statue of Margaret Thatcher by a timeline chart of industrial decline in the Thames Gateway. A deliberate decision by the exhibition team ? A just response to the part played by the Tory government of the day ?


I wanted to see what this composition looked like rotated 180 degrees with the panel to the right. The panel gap lines now lead the eye further across the picture plane to dwell on the panel, so this may stay this way for a while…the colour choice matches the original planned palette but I don’t particularly like the red and yellow combination for a final version, plus the red feels more like the hydrant panels in my other work and I’m not sure how I feel about this cross-over…

With Behind The Timeline I’ve re-orientated the image by 180 degrees so that the horizontal panel gaps work differently and help to lead the eyes, left to right, towards the panel now on the right. The movement across is continued by 3 short lines exiting this panel – the non-symmetry works much better now for this piece…