in real time – 337 to richmond (1330)

In Real Time

in real time – 337 to Richmond (1330)

A young woman on her iphone. A constant stream of dialogue about facebook updates (the sagas/the melodramas etc…). Stopping the call to check a text (nothing). The frantic bid not to miss any communications on the social radar.


The idea behind this painting was always to have 3 or 4 ‘panels’ sitting one upon the other, mimicking layers compositionally as well as the numerous layers of paint used at different stages of the piece. An idea about which of these overlaid panels might be decaying the most started to get lodged in my mind for some reason – the one furthest back? The square panel on the ‘top’? One of the ones in between? The MO prompted this response, I think, in the sense that an object can deteriorate at the same rate or at different rates over the same time span. The colour choices are much more painterly, and referenced to the painting’s needs moreso than serving the MO – partly out of necessity and also partly to synchronise with the other paintings in the series. As a result, possibly the most diverse range of colour, throughout the different stages, can be seen via glimpses in the under-painting expressing aspects of slow, drawn-out decay.