air pressure – imperial war museum

Air Pressure

air Pressure – Imperial War Museum

Observing the way people move. Slowly and calmly. Engrossed and absorbed. A sense of tranquility away from the streets. A place to lose yourself in (and back) in time.


At first sight the drawn lines suggest a floor tile pattern, and therefore a surface to walk across, possibly in a calm and orderly fashion, much as one would expect in a museum space. Movement is further suggested by the marks created in the under-painting. There is a kind of evenness in the composition despite the shapes being of different sizes – this being an attempt to promote the sense of ‘tranquillity’ mentioned in the MO.

A sense of depth is encouraged in the way the pale grey lines appear to ‘hover’ over the background, as though the shapes are the interlinking panes of glass in a window shielding the viewer from a hostile environment on the other side, maybe a vacuum compared to the normal pressure on the viewer’s side.