White Elephant

White Elephant

Wareham Station: A freshly painted white line on the edge of a platform of the disused line. Track long since lifted from the days of Beeching. Nature advancing where the Doctor’s axe fell. Brambles, fruit trees and the obligatory alcohol bottles and fast food wrappers


The composition of this painting has alternated between using two ‘tracks’ measured out with different intervals (to imply a 2-speed interpretation of ‘progress’) and one track that appears isolated and not particularly joined up with anything except the top and bottom edges of the painting. The latter design prevailed although indications of the other track can be seen in the wide column to the left and the narrow column to the right.

The rendering of the paint has yielded pools of rich, dark blue that seem to bleed from the edges of the frame and the sides of the single track, perhaps expressing something similar to references in the MO to nature advancing and eventually covering all traces of what was there.


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