‘The Travel Show’ – Paddington Station

Boarding a Bristol bound train. The guard commences the obligatory travel information in the manner of a radio presenter. Relaying safety messages, destinations, coach layout (the ‘Quiet Zone’) etc…until half  expecting him to inform the ‘listeners’of a piece of music until the next stop at Reading.

‘Some Foreign Field (Of Play)’ – GWT (Paddington-Bristol)

Sitting next to a man who commences his unveiling of travel technology. A phone that briefly broadcasts news from the continent. A tennis match complete with the sound of a ball being hit and the male players exerting energy. The ‘live’ broadcast prompts a boy to spin around in the seat in front. The last vestiges of digital magic?

‘The Seventh Day’ – Clapham Junction-Waterloo

Two men discussing their respective jobs and the dilemmas of Sunday work. Running late, a manager on sick leave, the stress of a staff briefing (in the canteen). All this aired in an almost empty coach.


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