‘The Great Divide’ – Shepherds Bush

A tale of two malls. Westfield, the retail chain behemoth currently expanding its territorial claim, promoting a high end/luxury lifestyle in a litter free complex. Over the Uxbridge Road, it’s older and now somewhat maligned predecessor. Entering ‘W12′ with its piped piano/’classical film’ music. An almost empty corridor, bar a few shoppers and security staff diligently cleaning the tiled floor. A bookmakers, newsagents, local charity shop, hairdressers (‘£5 Men & Women’), a surgery, Poundworld, Poundland, SaVers, a man gamely eating an ice cream cone, Entertainment Exchange, the jewellery stall (‘We buy gold’). A sense of community, a defined place, albeit perhaps now left behind in the brave new ‘on demand’ world.


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