‘Facial Recognition’ – Lambeth Road, SE1 (0805)

A hearse, bearing a coffin with the floral tribute (‘DAD’), glides slowly along the near deserted road in the morning mist. In the rear window stands a framed photo (headshot) of the deceased. An eye catching, and somewhat unique, image in a country where photographic displays of the dead (headstones etc…) are uncommon. A metaphorical shroud that still drapes the subject of death?

‘Weekender’ – Barnes Station (0726)

Boarding a (10 coach) near deserted Waterloo bound train. The majority of fellow passengers wearing work boots and site clothing, with the ‘remains of the (previous) day’ still on their garments. The 7-day commute in the relentless drive to raise the city skyline.

‘After The Show’- Geraldine Harmsworth Park, SE1

Families leaving the museum. Post-visit discussions and planning for the rest of the day, punctuated by the timeless question from offspring -‘How does it work?’. In the cold light of day (and away from exhibits and technology) a universal pondering on an historic wonder.


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